For musicians or DJs needing information about being involved with Rasta Dog events. Please provide us with information and links about your Band and work.

"Rising Star" $0/yr + 15% per GIG booked
For All Artists

This plan consists of a basic picture of you or your band with the artist name.

“Star” $125/yr + 15% per GIG booked

For New Artists

Plan consists of having your biography and any other content information you would like to display on your page, videography, photo gallery and mp3. Rasta Dog will book gigs throughout the year for your Band according to your travel radius you stipulate on your profile.

As Rasta Dog understands that the entertainment market can be very competitive and promotion/marketing programs can be costly for some artists, but Rasta Dog has broken the mold and now all your yearly fee will cover is basically the maintenance for your page, updates are free of charge. Now in order for all parties to benefit from both efforts, Rasta Dog charges 15% of the earnings for every Gig we book for you.

“Super Star” 1450/yr + 15% per GIG booked

For Pros that want to have a national and international presence

Our ‘Rising Star’ program is a program designed for every artist that wants to get their name all over the world. Book gigs with no boundaries, our program provides a huge step for you to be at the top of your music market.

Table of content

- Your Own Website
- Your Own Mobile App
- Rasta Dog Press Kits
- Digital Distribution Retailers
- Email Newsletter
- Social Network Marketing
- Profile Page
- Song Uploads (Rasta Dog website)
- Video Uploads (Rasta Dog website)
- Pictures Uploads (Rasta Dog website)
- Unlimited content (Rasta Dog website)
- Gig Finder and Band promoter
- Setup and promote sales of your CDs and MP3s worldwide in the world's most popular music stores, both online and offline. You make music and we sell!
- CD, mp3, Videos Sales on our website and Social Network

We will take care of all your marketing and manage your internet presence assuring you will get the most of your online presence! The internet is the leading tool for sharing music and videos online in this age. Don’t stay behind lets start sharing your amazing talent and your wonderful messages today! The world awaits to hear you!

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