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Edi Okri

Edi's musical passion was strongly generated through the wild percussive sounds of the national African rhythm, from his native homeland West Africa. On October 2Nth, 1968 Edi was born to his beloved mother Mary. Before his birth, his mom saw signs that the child she is about to have is going to be a special child, not only to Africa’s community but to the entire World.

At a tender age of 6, Edi was nicknamed "the dancing Jue-Jue", meaning "the dancing Pnasyuerade ", Commonly known as "the dancing wonder boy.” At that age Edi could demonstrate and beautifully sing to hi- native traditional African beat with rapid spread of western music tradition.  Africa at that time, at age 9, Edi started miming and performing live top hit songs from lames Brown, Dolly Parton, Rob Marley, Kool +The Gang, and Mariam Makeba; among others.

Edi is from a strong family of arts, the name Okri is being established from time immemorial, with IZcn Okri topping the list as the biggest black writer based In the UK. WWI the support and encouragement from family and friends, Edi was able to perform in his first band at the age of 12, called "the Jue-Jue".  At his teenage years, a group of his school friends joined him to form what they called "The Eight Men Jive Band", which lasted for three hard working years.

In 1991 Edi Finally formed "the Legaxy Band, And with the Legaxy Edi had so many outrageous five performances which made him the most prominent entertainer at that time With the Legaxy Rand Edi has shared billing with such famous artists as The Third World, Kool & The Gang, Shrrhu Ranks, and The Commodores etc. Edi Okri has been dubbed as tire "King OFAI;'RIC'AN Pop", influenced by James Brown, iMichaeC Jackson, Lionel Richie, and Stevie Wonder. (Over the years Edi has played different flavors of music ranging from pop, Ajru, and Dance Hall Reggae. As of now he is playing the sound of Afro Dance Hall Reggae flavor with Pop infusion, which he calls AfrZ-Funk.

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