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Rasta Dog began its humble journey back in 1992 when the founder Solomon Adeoba wanted to offer Knoxville more in the area of reggae music, culture and celebration. He started by promoting small house partied in the clubhouse of local apartment complexes from which he always received a very warm welcome. From that point on things grew so much that Rasta Dog decided to move the party to The Old City in order to accommodate the growing crowds.

After a few years he landed a more permanent home in West Knoxville at Michael’s Night Club on Kingston Pike. Since then, the business has grown significantly. Now when someone says the name Rasta Dog people speak up, “I know those guys.” The company has grown from small house parties to a large club with a full staff of employees who are dedicated to bringing good quality reggae music to Knoxville area.

Although there is still a lot of work to be done by Solomon for every show that is put on; he now has a staff of employees who also work very hard to make reggae night run smoothly. There have been many changes in how Rasta Dog throws parties over the years but things have not changed, our love for reggae music, which has only grown with time.

Rasta Dog has grown from putting on small parties with local reggae bands to large parties with big name acts such

The next step in the Rasta Dog business plan is to open a music recording studio that will specialize in recording and production services for reggae bands from around the world. He wants to open a studio where reggae bands and artists from other genres can create music in a comfortable atmosphere. The artists are caring about what they do, such as any artist would be, but reggae artists offer a personal sense of achievement when the work is done and give respect where respect is due, and we love that feeling. as Third World, Shaggy, The Itals, Boom Shaka, and many others. With this growth in business also comes the growth of recognition for the hard work that has been put in to making this business what it is today. Another good example of this growth is our product line. We feature original products that just cannot find anywhere else. Sometimes it is the little things that make the most difference in what we do for our customer. The founder of RastaDog, Solomon Adeoba, states that “It has taken many years to build this business but it’s been worth it. I’ve made a lot of great friends and very year our business seems to grow larger and that can only come from working hard to build a good reputation.”

Solomon also states,
“That’s why we love reggae music and the artists who perform it. There is so much respect and love that comes with this business and that’s why it is has grown to where it is today.”

It is hard to say where Rasta Dog will go from here but they are already expanding into other cities with their reggae shows, continuing that summer reggae festival tours and have future plans to build a studio in Toronto, Canada. What started out as a small house party has now grown into a full fledge business that is expanding its boundaries every year s the words “Rasta Dog” travel further and further with each passing day.

If you have never been to a Rasta Dog event then you need to come down for the Memorial Day and Labor Day blowout weekend shows this year and check them out. They will have live music featuring reggae’s most beloved artists, fresh jerked Jamaican chicken wings, products you cannot get anywhere else and an atmosphere that will create memories of a lifetime.

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